Testimonial from Molokai General Hospital

How kind you were to fill Molokai General Hospital with your art. During our campus redevelopment project, many people had ideas of how to make our facility a more healing place. In the end, you were the only person who did exactly what they said they were going to do. You opened your portfolio and created the art for every wall a patient might see.

The result has been stunning. The colors are vibrant; the subjects relevant; the effects healing. Visiting dignitaries, medical professionals and the average guy-on-the-street consistently comment on how the images have transformed the environment.

The seascapes take local people to places they know and love. The hula dancers nudge the imagination. Images of happy keiki (children) make very sick people smile. The breadth and depth of the images help take away the stress not only for the patients but for those of us who work here as well. The medical equipment I buy helps diagnose and treat a patient’s body. Your incredible images helps treat their minds and hearts!

Janice Kalanihuia


Molokai General Hospital

Kaunakakai, Hawaii

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