Why Art?

Imagine yourself as a patient, confined to a bland room, undergoing diagnostic tests, recovering from serious surgery, or in long-term care. In addition to your likely discomfort, you have a great deal of anxiety. We often dread the process of being treated for whatever ails us, especially the sterile surroundings.

If it’s a loved one who is the patient, the emotional pain we feel while we wait can be just as unpleasant. When you have a relative or close friend in prolonged hospital confinement, you are reminded how important the need is to improve the atmosphere in health care interiors.

Physicians and administrators confirm our conviction that the average patient is well cared for physically, but may have unmet emotional needs. They support our objective to reduce anxiety and provide healing art, because a relaxed patient is a better patient. And will likely be released sooner!

In the past, what really mattered was physical treatment, and it still does. But now, more attention is also being given to the emotional wellness of those who need repairs, rehabilitation and recovery. The longer a patient is confined, the greater the need to enjoy the natural beauty that you and I often take for granted. This gives our artwork a far greater purpose than mere decorative value.

Whether it is a sterile patient room, an endless corridor, a bland day room, or an artless treatment room that needs visual relief, our photographic art will change the view and soothe the spirit. Our art will connect patients, staff and visitors with the magic of the outdoors, and with the healing power of nature.

Surgical instruments must be sterile, but hospital walls don’t have to be! Walls that display our colorful and thoughtful photographic art will extend the mind and enhance the space. Your hard-working staff will appreciate this nurturing touch as much as your patients and their families.

Our art will provide a conversation opener for staff and patient and help everyone alleviate stress. In the patient room, our photographs will help brighten the patient’s outlook as he/she recovers. For waiting areas, lobbies and corridors, beautiful photographs will add ambiance and relieve tension. What a beautiful way to provide therapeutic distraction for patients, visitors and staff – who will see 24/7 that someone really cares.

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