What are the Benefits of Healing Images?

Benefits to Patients

Stress Reduction - At a minimum, patients, visitors and staff (PVS) will experience less stress and anxiety than in a traditional visually sterile environment.

Decreased Need For Pain Medication - Patients viewing nature scenes show decreased need for pain and/or anti anxiety medication.

Lower Blood Pressure - Blood pressure has been shown to be statistically lower in patients viewing nature images than those viewing other art or blank walls.

Higher Patient Satisfaction And Positive Perception - Patient perception of healthcare visits improves when healing art is a part of their experience.

Research supports the above and suggests that art may ultimately decrease hospital stays, thereby reducing costs.

Benefits to Staff

Healing art in staff areas will be a positive factor in recruiting prospective employees, enhancing job satisfaction, and increasing retention of good people. A buoyant employee will have better patient contact as well.

Business Advantages

Patients and visitors will have positive attitudes about the facility, and comparatively high levels of satisfaction. There are usually choices in healthcare – how much is word-of-mouth endorsement worth to you?

Nature is Restorative

PVS who view nature scenes are more positive in their feelings. Patients will feel less stressed when looking at nature than if the walls are blank. While short-term exposure to images of nature will foster impressive stress recovery, potential wellness benefits may be greatest for patients who must spend long periods of time in a confined setting. Prolonged visual contact with healing images will have profound positive effects on the psychological, physiological and behavioral components of stress.

Until recently, insufficient attention has been given to the psychological needs of PVS. Our art will serve as an effective and inexpensive antidote to the bland or bare walls that are so institutional and often unsuited to their emotional needs. Art from Healing Images will provide supportive environments at a minor cost.

According to the Healthcare Forum Journal, “Acutely stressed patients who are exposed to “serene” photographs (primarily water or other tranquil nature scenes) have lower blood pressure than patients exposed to no art or bland posters. Sensory deprivation stemming from lack of windows in intensive-care units is associated with high levels of anxiety and depression.”

Who says that a hospital has to LOOK sterile? Art from Healing Images.Org helps each facility show that it cares about the emotional needs of PVS. When people say that hospital environments can be highly infectious, they usually mean it in a negative way. Progressive physicians and senior staff – as well as families of longterm patients – want a patient-centric model for their environment. Our patient centered therapeutic art brings the calming benefits of nature to the healing process, helping PCV for a tiny investment.

Photographic Art for Health’s Sake

Nature is a universally appealing subject, not influenced by individual artistic tastes. Local environmental photographs often help: bluebonnet fields for a Texas hospital, or lake scenes for a Michigan facility. Photographs of nature will help create energy and optimism, help patients redirect negative thoughts, and provide comfort for the soul. Our art will help soothe the spirit of patients and families.

Much of fine art is highly subjective, and often abstracts are negatively received. Color is a powerful stimulant, which is not always desirable. Yet the colors in nature, skillfully interpreted by our photographic artists, will deliver nurturing, uplifting and vicarious escape from the realities of the patient’s room.

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