ROI From Art

ROI: Performance for Peanuts

Art has the power to transport us, transform us, and transcend our day-to-day issues. But when one is fighting a disease like cancer, art may also be an effective form of medicine.

It is important to remember that if visual art is to play a role in reducing stress, it must be placed where it can be seen by patients. For a patient whose condition or treatment prevents sitting up, consider placing art on the ceiling in the patient’s line of sight.

Few facilities should look “medical.” Our photographic art will help create a hospitality-like atmosphere, especially for long-term care and for patients who need repeated treatment. With our help, your facility will project an uplifting attitude. Often, doctors want an art collection, but there rarely is the budget for it. That’s where we deliver success. Art is such a powerful form of communication.

Each piece of Healing Images.Org art is a vibrant symbol of the caring attitude of the staff in the facility. Let Healing Images help you create a healing environment! We will help your PVS feel better walking in, feel better while there, and feel better when they walk out.

None of them needs to know how inexpensive we are as your art partner. ROI has two sides to the equation: what is the initial investment, and what is the return? We give you good news on each: remarkably low investment and promise continuing substantial return!

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