Pediatric Patients

Art will brighten the world for young patients

Waiting to see the doctor is far less scary for young patients who have photographs that project color and subjects kids will relate to. Our healing art will help create a child-friendly environment to help alleviate their anxiety. Do you have a pediatric facility that needs art? Our carefully chosen photographs will support children’s needs, whether they are calming, vitalizing, nurturing or empowering. Our art will give children a place to hope and heal. It is important to help children feel at ease in an unfamiliar place, and the art often needs to be installed at a child’s level to allow patients to see what is going on around them – and connect with healing art.

Research shows that children prefer bright scenes of nature to any other art, including kid’s drawings (which decorate many a pediatric healthcare setting.)

Can Nature Images Reduce Pain in Patients?

Ellen Vincent was a researcher at Clemson’s School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences.  She conducted a pilot project on Clemson Students to measure the amount of pain experienced when they put th...

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